Our cuisine, Your enjoyment.

Our cuisine is deeply rooted within the Italian tradition, but we reinterprets its dishes and tastes in a contemporary key. You will enjoy dishes coming from the Italian tradition, but with an intriguing melange of flavours and aromas.


The main feature of the Italian cuisine is its simplicity.

It is a cuisine rich of natural ingredients, nutritious and healthy. We select all these ingredients for you carefully to be fresh, seasonal and high quality, which can offer You the most pleasant and sought-after tastes.
We are able to blend all these components to offer You the best service quality by combining the Italian tradition with a dash of innovation together with the essentiality in the dish presentation and the flavor balance.


Italian food is an art form and the plate is the chef’s canvas.

A dish goodness depends on the magic and unique marriage deriving from a non-replicable fusion among flavors and aromas, cooking time and single component balance, creative personal abilities and care proved over the food preparation.
Sometimes it is enough a little detail or a shade to cross the limits of a “normal” result and make every dish a real triumph of taste.


Our menu reflects the excellence, the culinary culture as well as the unique gastronomic heritage of Italy.

Within our menu You can find refined and light dishes prepared using only extra virgin olive oil and include a course selection able to satisfy the best tastes and the most careful palates.
It is our commitment to always offer new ingredients together with various and personalized tastes. We have dedicated a lot of time for researching a recipe selection in order to present to all of You and directly into your houses a little piece of Italy.


Below you can find sample menus we can do for You.
Of course we can prepare a fully custom menu to fit your taste and need.